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ABSOLUTE BANGERS EP Review: Cherry Baby - Peach Club

Now almost three years since their (not so) humble beginnings, the Norwich based four piece all-gal riot squad PEACH CLUB are back fulls guns blazing with their new EP 'CHERRY BABY'. Way back when in April 2016 we saw the release of 'The Bitch Diaries' EP, a fist full of singles including their most recent 'Mission Impossible', which was now almost a year ago. This EP has been long awaited by their rapidly growing fan base, however I'm sure they will all agree with me when I say it was worth the wait. 
If you're a fan of bands and artists like Pussy Riot, The Tuts, Girli and Riot Grrrl (first of all if you're not get your head out your arse its 2018 already), then Peach Club and their 'don't-fuck-me-around' sound are gonna resonate with your bones. With the recent uprising of female fronted and all female bands taking over and dominating the band scene this year, Peach Club are gonna take it to the next level. At the end of the day, they're four powerful females with gritty guitars and a lot to say with the perfected the way of saying it. 


The first track opens with the line 'I want to pleased' over the somewhat gritty yet sultry bass line which makes me feel a strange emotional mix of 'I don't need any man ever' and simultaneously 'I could do with pulling a dude right about now'. It's weird. But I like it. The whole track is about (from what I've gathered) a man being ridiculously unfulfilling, so pretty relate-able in my opinion. 'You treat me like a delicate flower, I'm a Venus Fly Trap' I think from this line they're trying to get the point across that if you treat her below her worth, she'll eat you for an in-between meal snack, thoughts?

Cherry baby
The intro to this track sounds like the start of an extravagant adventure, which is kinda what the song is about. It's essentially about a gal called Cherry running away from home to chase her dreams of becoming star (and stealing her dad's car, what's so wrong with an uber?). And like all great movie plots, she meets a guy who she falls head over heels for and tells her he can make her a star. Yet (surprise surprise) he ends up lying so she has no option but to shoot him (just imagine the music video for this). Plot twist aside, the song absolutely bangs and I can see why they made it the title single. 

Oh My God
This is the most fun track on the EP for me (and also the shortest). This is the kind of song I'd wanna sing at a karaoke bar after a hard day at uni and a few too many jaegers. It's all about not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks regardless of how bat shit crazy they think you are; I think deep down we all need this song. It's going straight onto my getting ready/pres playlist to prep me for all my future messy nights (what can I say, re-freshers is coming up next week). 
artwork by @hexelot

Bad Bitch
I adore this track purely because of the twist on 'twinkle twinkle little star' nursery rhyme (although I wouldn't break this out at a primary school show and tell). This tune was released back in September with it's mega riotous punk energy, and by far the most relentless drumming on the EP from Rebecca Wren. The song is kinda girly and fun yet reckless in a fierce kind of way, which I really dig as it's a hard combination to master. 

Death Becomes Her
The last track on the EP for me is the biggest banger on the album. I get proper almost Jimi Hendrix vibes from the riffs, but has the wrath of a Slaves track from the fuzzy and commanding guitar noodles. Front woman Katie Revell really shows off her vocal capabilities in this thought provoking, head bashing, feminist revolt of an absolute banger. Definitely my fave track of theirs so far...  

These gals are literally the band that every chick dreams of being in. They're so excited to bring you this EP, every track bangs and I just wanna listen to it over and over again until I'm sick of it (and then a few times more). You can listen to the EP on all their streaming sites and buy it off their BandCamp as well as hard copies and their wavy merch. 

6th Feb - Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
15th Feb - The Lending Room, Leeds

All Photo Credits: Poppy Marriott

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