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Absolute Bangers: JUNE/JULY (ft. brand new single from The Seamonsters)


We're back again with yet another Absolute Bangers. I missed last month purely to exams so we're gonna combine the two lads get ready. 
The past month and a half has been good to me for gigs, whether that be watching or actually performing at. Right at the beginning of June me and the gals played our first festival at Cambridge Strawberry Fair, the largest and longest running free festival since 1977. We opened The Flying Pig Stage which gave us the rest of the day to watch our fave bands, get absolutely spandangled in the rave tent and dad-dance the night away. I managed the catch the last half The Staycations' set at The Portland Ballroom Stage who I've been meaning to see for ages, thankfully they saved their bangers Hey GuysThe Enemy and Ophelia for the end of their slot. On the main stage I saw my faves and winners of the under and over 18's Cambridge Band Competition, Maverick and Flint Moore, and caught Saltfen's set at the Cambridge 105FM stage. 
creds: @katoliviah
At the end of June I went to a gig hosted by the band Ugly at The Blue Moon. The first support was General Waste who I'd seen back in April and fell in love with instantly. They're what I'd imagine Slaves would be like if they were all gals. Next was a two-piece called Self Love whose sound I can only describe as the Royal Blood of fucked up time signatures (which made it fascinating to listen to). By the third band I had already hit blur level with the JDs n cokes but boi were Kill Liz killing it. Fronted by Harry Shapiro (who is only 16 might I add wtf what an absolute boi), they've got a keen following in Cambridge and are definitely on my gig list for the near future. Of course the headliners Ugly were phenomenal as usual and have been now been banned from The Blue Moon Pub after this gig (I managed to get kicked out after being on someones shoulders, but does it really count if it's the last song anyway?) which means they've been officially blacklisted from every venue in Cambridge. If thats not an achievement then I dont know what is.  
During the first week of July me and the gals of Violet Flares headlined a festival for the first time ever holy shit man (read more about those shenanigans HERE). 
The following weekend I saw Flint Moore and Maverick yet again at the Cambridge Big Weekend at Parkers Piece. I made a bit of a rookie error going to this gig the day after my summer ball in which I moshed in six inch platforms. My feet were blue by the end of that weekend lmao.  

The Seamonsters - Wonderland (OUT TODAY)

The Seamonster's brand new single is being released today! I've been following this band for a while now so I was thrilled when they sent my their new track prior to the release to review. This up and coming six piece all-girl band from Sheffield are for the fans of Black Honey, INHEAVEN, bright colours and a fuck ton of glitter. Wonderland has an Alice in Wonderland theme that has driving guitar rhythms paired with the angelic voice of Naomi. Their other track Lost (and Found) which was released earlier this year is also such a summer banger so go show them some loving. 
creds: @hatfulofh0llow

Insta - @theseamonsters
Twitter - @cmonstersmusic

23rd July - Crystal Stage @ Tramlines Festival, Sheffield 
7th October - Twisterella Festival, Middlesbrough  

Bedroom / Boredom -  Sex Hair

I finally got round to ordering B/B's most recent EP 'I Wouldn't Worry' this month, even though I've already listened to it to death on spotify. From their snapchat stories over the past few weeks it looks like they've got some brand new tracks in the making (hopefully) very soon ayyy. My favourite track at the moment on the EP, Sex Hair, has a little bit of sax, a little bit of funk and a shit ton of catchy lyrics that get into your head. They've also started making band tees so go get one of them and their EP n cassettes from HERE

Links: BandCamp

14th September - Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London

Suburban Minds - Addicted To A Daydream

This five-piece from Bury St Edmunds were at strawberry fair this year and released their new EP 'I'll exist when I wake up' last week. It's got an early The Smiths vibes minus the melancholic after taste, and is what I'd imagine what it would sound like if Tom Odell joined The VaccinesAddicted To A Daydream is my personal favourite as it's got this early punk/new wave love child sound. The intro has this cool distorted sample similar to Lemon Jelly from the 90s which transitions into their anthemic soulful lyrics and layered guitar riffs. The whole EP is full of bangers so go hit it up. 


(EP Release Party) 22nd July - Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds
28th July - The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich 

HAIM - Want You Back

This track was released back in June, soo it's a bit late but hey we're combing it all in one. I've been a huge fan of Haim since I first heard 'Forever' back in 2013, and the fact they're an all gal band makes them even better. If you don't know who they are already, they're a sister trio from San Fernando Valley, LA who are well know for their dimension and variation to a slightly unconventional indie rock sound. Their latest single Want You Back is upbeat and fresh yet still retains their classic Fleetwood Mac meets R&B vibe. 


25-27th August - Reading & Leeds Festival



In conclusion, I'm happy to announce that Violet Flares have a new track out today called 'Wax' go check it out. 

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