Friday, 21 April 2017

Absolute Bangers - APRIL

Hiya Lads we're back with another Absolute Bangers. At the end of last month I went to see one of my all time favourite bands Superfood at The Dome in Tufnell Park. I literally decided on the day of the gig that I was going to go as a friend of a friend had a spare ticket to this sold-out night on the Dirty Hit Tour. The atmosphere was great and the crowd were so nice which really affects the whole night of a gig. I also ended up bumping into Stan from Deep City who I saw last week at The Portland Arms in at a Girls Against gig. My gal Saff organised this charity event in aid of the charity Girls Against which raises awareness about sexual harassment at concerts and music venues. Other bands in the line up were General Waste, Lemondaze, Ugly and Wax Colour. As much of a great night it was, I was rather sad to find out my favourite jacket had been taken which resulted in a online Jacket Search Party and was found a few days later (the internet is an amazing thing). 

Image result for staycations bandOphelia - Staycations

Staycations played at last weeks Fiver night and the Cambridge Junction on the same night as Girls Against so I'm gutted I missed them especially as I'm loving their latest single. This five piece are soulful, ambient and infectious as fuck. Comparing to the likes of Gengahr and Jaws, Ophelia's got this mid 2000s indie vibe and has been on my repeat all week.

Links: Soundcloud

26th April - Fiddlers Elbow, London
17th June - Burwell Carnival, Burwell
8th July - Parkers Piece, Cambridge
23rd September - Cambridge Corn Ex, Cambridge

Double Dutch - Superfood

I have to admit when I was on the train to London for the superfood gig, I hadn't actually heard their latest track until then. After hearing Double Dutch I was thrilled that they still had their pure-summer-acid-trip aura about them. The track jumps around key signatures over samples and airy guitars n mellows basses, refining their 'drifting/melodic indie sound'. I must note that these are probably one of the best bands I've seen live (I'm little biased as i adore the fact they have a female bassist) but also their security were so lax about everybody getting on stage with them during the encore (and I mean EVERYBODY).

Links: Dirty Hit

30th April - Leicester
21st July - Steventon
26th August - Reading Festival
27th August - Leeds Festival

Die Verskoning (The Apology) - Ugly

Ugly were alongside the lineup for the Girls Against gig and released the music video for the track Die Verskonig earlier this month. Their low-fidelity, psychedelic rhythms remind me of an old Mac Demarco album or a soundtrack of a Richard Linklater film. The track is one of those songs that you can't help but sway to, probably because of the jangly guitar riffs merged with low, hypnotic vocals from Sam. 

Links: Soundcloud

Nevermind The End - Tei Shi (Saint Pepsi Remix)

Originally from Argentina now living in brooklyn, Tei Shi creates artsy indie-pop with conceptual, poetic lyrics. The original track is very experimental and synthy, yet Saint Pepsi's (now Skylar Spence) remix strips it right back and brings forward the airy vocals in a liquid-slow-jam. He uses a completely different approach of timbre with an almost 80s vibe which I get from most of his remixes and original tracks. Whenever I'm in need of a great remix, Skylar Spence always delivers. 

Links: Soundcloud
            BandCamp (Keats Collective)

Sunday, 16 April 2017


Hiya my peaches. The other day me and Muma Willson decided we were in need of a mini road trip. I've been meaning to check out the fashion exhibitions at The Victoria and Albert Museum for ages now so this trip was well overdue. Long days in London tend to tire me out completely so I wanted to ensure that I was gonna be comfy all day and be able to face any potential weather predicaments. 
The main center piece of this outfit has to be this gorgeous Kofia hat I got from a second hand store. Traditionally worn by men in East Africa for informal occasions, I decided to give it a contemporary twist. As this hat has such a loud print, I kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple with black skinny jeans and a sweatshirt that picked out one of the many colours. For additional accessories I pinned on a couple of badges to add a bit of dimension, wore a little black cord choker with a silver moon pendant and my favourite pair of hoop earrings that have a cute paisley design. For shoes I went back to basics with a pair of all black converse.  
Hat - Second Hand
Sweatshirt - Manchester Thrift Shop
Jeans - Topshop
Badges - V&A Gift Shop
Earrings - Muma Willson's
Choker - Jemporium Vintage
Shoes - Converse

Saturday, 8 April 2017

GET READY WITH ME - Show Week Edition

Hiya lads, this week I've been in a show with Spotlight Productions, doing one of my all time favourite musicals Legally Blonde! This is a little vlog of my typical day during show week, hope you enjoy!