Sunday, 12 March 2017


 This weekend I had a mini trip to London to see UAL's College of Fashion as I HAVE AN OFFER FOR FASHION MERCHANDISING THERE YAYAYYY. First of all, I loved how at the registration they had a whole spread of unlimited croissants, pain au chocolates and other gorgeous pastries which was a massive YAS from me. The university college itself was so contemporary and had such a creative atmosphere which really fed off the accommodation as well. But any way here is my sitch. 

So having to get up at 6:30 to make sure I didnt miss my train, it was freezing when I left the house so there's me thinking a cream wool knit sweater and my fur coat would be a great idea. Fast forward a few hours and I'm literally dying from the heat. After looking at accommodation in Finsbury Park, I realised there was a Crisis at hand. 
When I say Crisis, I mean my new fave charity shop on Stroud Green Road. This charity helps national homelessness giving life changing services to those who need it. I'm no Mother Teresa, however I'm hoping the money I paid for my new garms goes to someone who needs it and helps them get on their feet. 

As the temperature had shot up a this point, I wanted something pretty simple that would keep me cool. Already wearing a pink leather a-line skirt, I found this dusty grey graphic tee which was all I really wanted at that point in time. It was only when I'd bought it and changed into it my muma saw this long vertical striped shirt which picked out the colours perfectly! 


T-shirt - Crisis
Long Shirt - H&M (Crisis) 
Skirt - Jemporium Vintage
Shoes - Topshop

My Go To: Arch Dukes @ Southbank

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