Sunday, 23 October 2016


Alas my favourite time of year has come around. Halloween is when girls can break out the black lipsticks and rainbow coloured highlighters that are sitting in the bottom of their draws, and boys who wear the same white ripped t-shirt and fake blood every year can complain about girls costumes. However, Halloween is usually accompanied by an impromptu party hence and impromptu costume. Easy options are cats, devils/angels, princesses, sexy inanimate objects, etc. So if you want something a little less basic, here are some wardrobe ready costumes that'll be easy on your bank account because we all know what its like to be poor af


This outfit is for sure the most basic out of the four. However its also probably the easiest. For the base of this look I wore a navy lace dress from Topshop which flows nicely with the velvet baroque style kimono (which is great for when you want to 'swoosh' around). The tassel detailing on the hem adds a little swoosh-ness as well. I tried to add as much texture as possible with the clothing pieces to create a drapey, ragged effect. As a more chic alternate for a classic pointy witches hat I wore a black fedora but any structured black hat would fit the look. I wore black tights purely because it's October and its cold af. I would've worn fishnets to look more edgy but I couldn't find them lmao. I chose these platform heeled boots from New Look so I could stomp about and feel bad-ass but they're also a lot comfier than I anticipated. They're good for a night out as the boot adds loads of support to the ankle and the chunky heel is so much easier to walk in than a stiletto. Also walking across grass in thin heels isn't cute at all. For my make up I put on my darkest, unsightly lipstick (Matte Royal by MAC) and attempted to do a purple smokey eye but anything dark and vampy will work just as fine. The earrings I'm wearing are actually my mums, but the cross detailing and the way they hang really add to the whole satanic aesthetic. My trusty wooden broom is from the kids Halloween section in Wilko for ONLY £1 WHAT A BARGAIN.


Its everyone's favourite mardy sociopath. Wednesday is a cult classic for Halloween and a personal favourite of mine. The essential assets for this look are definitely the two long braids, collared dress, resting bitch face and box of matches/something to start a fire with. I wore this black skater dress from H&M with white detailing around the sleeves, with a pair of knee high socks and Mary Jane style shoes to give it that innocent look. I tried to recreate the Addams Family Values interpretation of Wednesday as it's the most memorable. Mainly because of her increase in homicidal antics and the fact she burnt down a summer  camp   (wouldn't  recommend going that for to recreate Wedz, I mean homicide and arson is a bit illegal). I kept accessories and makeup minimal purely because I don't think Wednesday has a care for them. However I think she'd dig this Coffin Pin from Dollskill. 


This one I'd say is the most creative look I've come up with as I've never seen anyone do Medusa for Halloween before. For a little background, Medusa was a Greek mythological creature, who used to be a peng looking babe before Poseidon came in and screwed it all up. Anyway she turned out pretty bad-ass and had snakes for hair and could turn dumb guys into stone by looking at them. My main colour pallet uses a lot of greens, golds, charcoals and blues. I bought this gold snake head piece from a standard fancy dress shop and added a few more snakes to add some more colour. I ended up taking it off after a while as the band part was really loose on me little head. I wore a cropped textured top from Miss Selfridge and some super shiny charcoal disco pants to make me look slithery n all that. I wore a pair of my favourite metallic stiletto boots to keep up with the shiny theme and the black jumper was purely for warmth because wearing a crop top in late October just isn't a good idea tbh. For my hair I made two huge Miley buns by putting it into two high bunches and pulled out the shorter hairs to frame my face, then backcombed the shit out of the bunches n bobby pinned as shown. 

This hair would also be good for a Maleficent costume if done neater. I had two little snakes to accompany me on my ventures wore some dangling gold and emerald earrings to add a bit of the ole razzle dazzle. For the make up I decided this was the best way to get my snake vibes on. I used a green eye shadow for a base to make myself look as gross as possible, then put a pair of fishnet tights over my head and looked like a right twat as i contoured with a dark brown eye shadow and highlighted with a copper/gold glitter dust shadow;which ended up being pointless and the fishnets didn't work as intended ahaaaa. I filled in my eyebrows with a black liquid liner and did some really over the top wings on the inner and outer corners of my eyes. I drew in some little points on my nose to create a serpent kinda appearance sort of and used a kohl black liner to draw my lips (WARNING DO NOT USE A GEL LINER FOR THIS YOU WILL REGRET IT SO BAD).  


Last but not least, this look is by far my favourite out of them all. Of course due to the release of Suicide Squad earlier this year, Harley Quinn is definitely a fan fave go-to for costumes. However Poison Ivy was her OG partner in crime. I took inspiration from Uma Therman's version of Ivy from the 1997 film Batman & Robin. For the base of the outfit I wore this bright green bodysuit from River Island. I love the cross detailing on the front and the fact its a bodysuit makes it perfect for a super hero/villain. I was going to to wear the bodysuit over a pair of thick black tights to create a classic DC homage to the original character, however i could only find thin ones n threw a skirt over the top which definitely makes it more wearable. For shoes I wore my 6" burgundy patent platforms to give me some height and level of 'stompy-ness'. For my make up I tried to make my skin as pale as possible so the bright green would pop out more. On my eyes i used a bright green glitter dust on my lids and smoked it out to give Ivy her classic seductive look to lure men into falling in love with her (but ends up killing them anyway banter). Seeing as her lips are filled with venom, I thought it'd be best to go with a classic blood red lip.  For props and extra little bits I made 
this Ivy head piece our of a long piece of fake Ivy from Dunelm and wrapped and secured it to look like a plant crown kinda thing. Another optional prop is a small bottle of poison. I used an old Smirnoff mini, and green food dye and water to make one of Ivy's go-to weapons. If you're going to a sesh you could replace the green liquid with Apple sours, Cactus Jacks, of just straight up vodka is that's your thing. 

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