Saturday, 22 August 2015

Willson goes to Brighton - Part One ft. CONCH


So in-case you haven't guessed on my instagram, I'm currently in chill capital=Brighton. I had the pleasure of spending today with these guys..

First we have Harry. (Hands in the air for shitty speech bubbles eyy) He is probably the most chill person you could ever meet.
His brother co-owns CONCH and was the first person to introduce me to them. I'm pretty happy he did. So we arranged to meet and explore the heart of the North Lanes but first went to this coffee shop on West Street called Mojo (I think, I think). I had this Iced Hazel Nut and Caramel Latte which technically wasn't on the menu but was peng afffff. He also took me to my first vegan cafĂ© which was so much better than I anticipated (as a huge bacon lover, I was sceptical). The Loving Hut is an oriental/Chinese restaurant that takes all the classics and turns them into what I can only describe as vegan heaven. As a vegan virgin I had no idea what anything was or what it would be like so Harry and his brother had to do it for me (I can't even menu waaa). Luckily it was soooo good, I had tofu duck and pancakes and I'm now in love with tofu <3  

Here we have Josh (Harry's brother) and John (not Harry's brother). (Hands in the air for even more shitty speech bubbles ayyy) These are the super cool owners of CONCH. The Brighton based brand pretty much sells some of the raddest t-shirts you'd get in the North Lanes. Think trippy gifs but each frame is a t-shirt. 

Their pop up shop this week was at It Is What It Is on the corner of Gloucester Street and Tidy Street. The set up is that artists, companies, etc, send in a pitch to IIWII and they chose who gets that shop for a week (how lovely). 

"The driving force behind our art is the correlation between science and nature. The shape of a falling rain drop, refracted light bouncing off a mountain peak, the muscle tension in the hind legs of a spirited springbok. Just some of the factors taken into account for one dope-assed shirt".

Everything about their designs scream psychedelic, with their printing done in Dubai (I think?) and they're fade resistant too so that's pretty funky. They have some limited edition tees as well as designs from other guys and prints. My personal favourites were probably Moon-Unit (I bought that one yayyy) which has a grey and white vortexy kinda thing going on with their trademark paper plate face in the middle, and Samoan Kool-Aid because, well come on, that name is amazing. I don't think I'm going to forget these t-shirts any time soon. Also these guys are super chill to hang out with and have a fantastic taste in vinyl. 

In one part of the shop they had a thing called 'Pass the Portrait' which is pretty much the physical version of Chinese whispers. You chose a portrait that someone else drew earlier and interpret it. Personally, I can't draw for shit. But seeing all the different versions of a the portrait was cool. Once they have enough they're going to turn it into a limited edition t-shirt, I feel so bad for who ever has to wear my rendition of Albert Einstein. *sigh*

I don't think we did that bad, right?

So sad news, their pop us shop is only there until the 23rd so you better hurry if you wanna get down there.
 However, good news! You can get 20% off their website using the code CONCH20 (Yaaaaayyyy)

Find them in all these cool places:
Insta: @conch_clothing_uk
Twitter: @CONCH_UK

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