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Dress For Success ~ OOTD's

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So my secondary education has finally ended, which is an equally exciting and terrifying thought. Our last day as year elevens is celebrated with this really really lame idea of dressing all smart and businessy to mark the first day of the rest of our lives. But I have to admit, the whole day was pretty emosh and weird to think I'll probably never see everyone in my year, the canteen ladies, the fantastic and catastrophic teachers I've had over the years, not even Mr CDog himself, again. But anyway, it was still a chance to dress up which makes me happy. It was also great to see everyone else looking bomb.

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I decided to channel my inner Cher from Clueless vibes by layering a white button down under a simple textured blue skater dress. I really liked the contrast of the colours, but realised it was a huge mistake around eleven because it was just ridiculously hot that day and resulted in me having to remove it from underneath my dress midfield (get a friend to help otherwise you will get your limbs stuck). The favourite thing of the outfit was the shoes, I mean come on, I was 5"8 that day and felt fearless (however even though I lasted five hours in these 70s-esk platforms I was so thankful I brought flats). Walking in them wasn't too bad, I just wouldn't recommend running and stacking it in front of people, it doesn't look too good. I kept things minimal with accessories to make it less fuss, wearing silver cool tones, some rad paisley printed hoops, and a matte black rucksack to throw all my shit in.
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One of my favourite looks from that day was from my best pal Bethan. She has a very girly yet elegant style which is definitely reflected here. This outfit is super cute and feminine because of the pastel colour palette and scalloped detailing on the hems. The accents on the statement necklace add a more sharper texture and breaks up the softness while still maintaining the over all tone. These layered dresses that give the illusion of a two piece have been a staple of s/s15. It has the same concept of a playsuit where you don't have to spend ages deciding what to wear and seeing if stuff matches with other stuff, which makes it pretty conventional. 

Abbie's look was very simple and minimalistic. Even though this piece is daring, she pulls off this white jumpsuit brilliantly. Even though in the photo I'm towering over her (sorry about that Abbie!), we are both midget members. However, there are many ways to dress yourself tall. A jumpsuit creates a tall silhouette, but is even more elongated when it's one solid colour. Nude (or a colour similar to your skin tone) shoes will help elongate the legs. It's even better is they have pointed toe which will add an inch or two. Also they're a lot less painful than platforms.

Bryony went with such a classic look with a white and black polka dot shirt/shift dress and black lace textured wedges. But the main focus to her outfit had to be her clutch bag. The stunning embellishment of (I want to say its a peacock but I have no idea, lets just go with mega fancy bird) and floral detailing contrasts with the black background and really makes it stand out. This clash of prints is done perfectly because the main colour focus is on the clutch and the textures correspond well together. And of course, a classic look would not be complete without a great lip colour. She went for a mauvey, raspberry shade which really picks out the rose gold tones in the clutch. 

I loved Holly's look purely because it was such a good take on the monochromatic trend. Sleeveless blazers have been such a good alternative for spring/summer and look really clean cut and modern. The silver accents on the zips add a fresh cool tone and also, them pockets are huge think of all the stuff you could carry with them. It also transitions a basic item (eg black and white striped shirt dress) and elevates it from casual to classy.  
The shoes are classic, and so versatile because of the style and neutral colour, which means they can probably be thrown into any outfit mix. A black and white ensemble is so easy yet looks effortless as it keeps to the same tone. But, its fun to add just a little bit of colour like Holly did with her watch with the bright blue face and gold hardware. 

 Okay I kinda cheated with this one because Molly isn't in my year and didn't partake within our dress for success shenanigan. However, I loved her outfit too much to pass it. It's so fun and screams everything that is summer. You cannot go wrong with a plaid playsuit this time of year, it always reminded me of picnic blankets and primary school summer dresses (but obviously a bit more chic than that). The tiny flower crown makes it a little bohemian, yet I love how the ear stretcher adds such a cool edge to the girly print and décor. Same thing with the white heels, a pair of nude/tan sandals will go with pretty much anything and easy to throw on if you're on holiday, going out, etc. 

So just a few little things. Sorry if the layout is all over the place because I know it's completely different on phones and I need to sort the widths and format of the whole blog anyway which will be so much fun. Also, if you click on the little caption thingys it'll (hopefully) link you to my polyvore where you can find all the items shown if you want. Also by clicking on the girl's captions it will direct you to their instagrams (again, hopefully). I'm really annoyed because I've just given up with trying to make image links, I just have no idea. Our dress for success day was on the 16th so this post pretty late as its taken me like four days (I haven't blogged in months bare with).  
So that is pretty much it for today, everyone looked so great on our last day and I can't wait for prom, I'm just buzzing for it purely because how sweet my clutch is, I, I just can't even.

And for today's bae of the day, I'm gonna keep with the theme and leave these beautiful people here

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