Sunday, 5 April 2015

What do I care where Gettysburg lives?!

So it's Easter. I should be revising. I'm really not revising. Instead, I'm panicking and procrastinating. Which is most certainly helping me with my GCSE's.
It was only last Friday I realised I should probably get my music course work recorded as it's all due in 12 days (it seems like enough time, but I shit you not it's hardly any time at all when it comes to coursework). Panic aside, I'm super happy with my compositions. I haven't written much material for the past year as it kinda takes a while, and with GCSE's taking over my life it's not the convenient. Hopefully once they're all recorded I'll be able to put them up on soundcloud (if I can even remember how to log in that is).
In a couple of days time it'll be the first night of the show I'm in, Singing in the Rain. I don't do much really, I'm just a chorus member but I get a fancy umbrella for the finale, and I have a tiny duet with Cosmo at the beginning of Broadway Melody (ohhhh yeaah). My day shoes are so so adorable, although all the costumes for the show are fantastic. They have a whole warehouse filled top to bottom of costumes from previous shows that have been collected over the years. However, my finale costume is a huge yellow raincoat (its supposed to finish mid thigh but it comes down to my ankles #smallpersonproblems) with a Captain Birdseye hat. As cute as it is, I have mixed opinions.

So the brand Lyla Loves have been complete baes and sent me one of their 'Lyla loves necklaces'. LL jewellery mixes dainty items with the whole boho festival vibe, with some more hard going pieces. They sell a good range of items like your basic jewellery to ear cuffs and have a selection of other accessories such a bags, scarves and phone cases. The best thing about Lyla Loves is how inexpensive and reasonable the quality is. The necklace they sent me is really delicate and pretty. I really like the tiny bird detail as it breaks up the chain a little. Also the packaging is just so rad.

So it seems I may have accidentally acquired more shoes (I have no idea, it just keeps happening).
The first two I bought this month were from Boohoo. This was the first time I've ordered from them and I was very happy with the service. The first pair are these space-age holographic cut out boots. If anyone knows me well, they'll know I love me some iridescent and shiny things. These boots are conventional for everyday as they're not mega high, while giving me some extra height; yet are super awesome and are very 'out there'. The second pair are these super fab burgundy platforms! First of all, they remind of the Jeffrey Campbell Mulders (which are my dream shoes haha (why am I so poor) plus I'm five foot eight in these!! I need an oxygen mask up here or something..
   I paid £12 for the platforms and £8 for the boots in the sale. I wasn't expecting Kurt Geiger quality, but was really happy with how sturdy they are. I'm a size four, but they both came up a tiny bit roomy. I normally wear thicker tights anyway so that helps pad them out, but just stuffing a pop-sock into each toe area helps the fit without looking like a seven year old trying on their mums heels (admit it that was all of us).

The last pair I bought in Milton Keynes the other day. We also had a trip to IKEA and that was beyond exciting I was so buzzing definitely a day trip worth having.

They have LED pears people. PEARS :O
Anyway back to shoes. I can't explain how much I adore The Simpsons. It has been a childhood, teenagehood, and probably will be an adulthood favourite of mine.
Can we all just appreciate this pair of MARGE SIMPSON SKATER SHOES OH MY GOD.
The I was, wondering around H&M and I found my soul mate in shoe form. You can probably tell I really really like these shoes :)
Lets finish with today's 'Bae of the Day' ~ Chiara Ferragni in a fab Burberry Trench coat from AW14.

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