Thursday, 5 March 2015


So I'm not dead, just hibernating in all the course work I have to do hahah HALP ME
So the other day I went to Leicester (ugh this was like two weeks ago I'm so late). I was surprised on how nice it was. Like, really surprised. First we went to the De Montfort Hall because they had a Norman Wisdom exhibition. For those who don't know, Norman is pretty much the 1950's Lee Evans (but much funnier). He's your classic sheepish, yet hilarious black-and-white movie star. Plus he was only about 5"1 1/2 so go small people!! The exhibition was kinda small but its was free and all his memorabilia was there (including his tweed suits which are so tiny it's adorable). The exhibition is open until the 2nd of May.
After a bit of driving, finding our way around the city, we finally found parking like we were trying to find the meaning of life (jk it's 42). First half hour or so was spent aimlessly wondering about, not really having much clue on where we were going. However, I feel aimlessly wondering about is great. You really take in the surroundings, buildings, sounds, plus you can do great people watching.
mmmmmmmmhfhdJeeze I love people watching (in the most un-creepy way possible).
I was happy to see that Leicester has an Urban Outfitters, and I freaking love UO. It's like tumblr heaven (except I don't have tumblr. Well I do, I'm just clueless on how to use it lol). I bought a really nice 'tumblr bra' as I like to call them as you always see sublime somewhat provocative wcw's and 'soft grunge girls' in them, but as I'm not so yay for showing my underwear on the internet (but if you feel comfortable doing that then great for you! You go girl (or guy), #freethenipple and all that), here's a lovely image of le bra provided by Urban Outfitters (and you can buy it right HERE).
We had AskItalian for lunch and I have to say, they are fantastic. They have thee nicest cocktails/ mocktails (I can't drink in public places yet peak times). The one I had was called a Sea Breeze which has cranberry and apple juice with soda water and a dash of lime. It comes with or without vodka so everyone's a winner ey. 
As I went In there, I have to say ZARA is an increasing favourite of mine. I recently got my prom shoes from there (definitely not four months too early) and it's great to rummage through the beautiful monstrosity of sale piles. Their sale is always so so so goood! I managed to find this swanky funky top that's pretty awesome. It's quite a thin grey material with a silky kinda texture but then THE SLEEVES OH MY DAYS. They're like what happened before the batwing evolved and you can swoosh like hell in them. It's quite interesting as it's not your basic grey tee. I couldn't find it online but it's a prime example on when you should dig for gold in sale piles.  
So aside from all that, we spent some time wondering round the market place where I discovered my new love for dried pineapple. It's not as sharp as normal pineapple and it's dusted in icing sugar and looks super pretty. Annnnddd I finally tried bubble tea. It's so good and the whole process of getting it and watching it being made is fun. I've seen bubble tea cafe's popping up everywhere and I wouldn't be surprised is they were the new Starbucks to be honest.
So bae of the day (I think this a regular thing now) is Sarah Marie Karda because ugh just look at her

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