Friday, 2 January 2015

Get the Look ~ ALICE GLASS

If I had to chose on of my favourite women in the whole wide world, it would have to be Alice Glass. Crystal Castles have been a favourite electronic band of mine for a good few years now. As much as I love her outstanding vocals, I love her style equally. Keys things for her look are bold black eyes (not the bruised ones), ever changing hair colour and your classic black pencil skirt.

Her stand out locks (as well as her crazy vocals) have always been a U.S.P. of hers. In 2012, HipsterRunoff said she had the best hair in Indie. Her famous bright bob avoids looking like a toxic marshmallow, while channelling 90's Kurt Cobain-esk vibes.
(Hands in the air for shitting editing skills)
Bleach London are just one of them companies that have got it on point. Started in 2010, they've been favoured by Susie Bubble, Company Magazine and even Vogue. They have a salon in the Oxford Street Topshop basement which is pretty sweet. Think of your typical tumblr girls with a funky hair game going on.
A more safer option of incorporating the colour is by using hair crayons like the Bleach London Super Cool Colours range. They don't stay in your hair for ages but still give a vivid dash of colour to your hair. If you're not a fan of these bold colours, a safer yet great way to incorporate her look is the cut, the classic bob. Or if you're not ready to commit (shout out to my ex!), wigs and clip in bangs are just as effective.

Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL HD Permanent Black Hair Dye in 99 Deep Black ~ £5.49
BLEACH LONDON Super Cool Colours in Washed Up Mermaid ~ £5
Crazy Colour in Lavender ~ £16 for pack of four

Her makeup routine consists of 'putting a load of black stuff on her eyes'. Obviously, there is more construct to that than just scribbling eyeliner around for a panda look. Just think of her eye makeup a more developed and dramatic take on the classic smoky eye. A good eye primer will protect your lids as a base, and will make sure your makeup stays put. And even though she isn't keen on lipstick, she still looks hella good right?
Maybelline Colossal Smokey Pen in Black ~ £5.99
OCC Crème Colour Concentrate ~ £15.50
MAC Eye Shadow in Carbon ~ £13 
NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Yu ~ £18
OCC Lip Tar Matte in Tarred ~ £14

Alice definitely has the whole grunge trend going on point. She isn't particularly interested in fashion and conventions and a lot of her clothes are from her grandma. Therefore has the perfect attitude for pulling off the effortless look, as it is effortless. It's a more of a toned down nineties-esk vibe minus the tartans and plaid. If you want to achieve this look you can finally use them tights with the holes in that you've been meaning to chuck out (admit it, we all have a pair at the back of our underwear draws). Key things to keep in mind are:-
  • Black Pencil Skirts
  • Mostly Dark Tones
  • Black Tights (with or without holes and ladders)
  • Worn in Converse/Black Combat Boots
  • Ill Fitting Band/Graphic T-Shirts
  • Wide Eyed Sunglass
  • Bomber/Army Jackets
  • Minimal Jewellery
  • Be Serious As Hell

Urban Renewal Black Denim Skirt ~ £38
Ultimate MA1 Khaki Bomber Jacket ~ £55
Converse All Star Hi Optical White ~ £47.99,21/2411010837
DROP DEAD Bloom Dress ~ £40
UNIF Don't Worry Be Happy Boots ~ (around) £125
Nior Sunglasses ~ £225    
Link was too long but wouldn't do the thing so it hyperlinked here
Tee and Cake Dinosaur Pocket Tee ~ £22
This one was too long as well so more hyperlinks yay
UNIF I Wish I Had Arms Tee - (around) £42
H&M Nirvana Tee ~ £9.99

Other things to consider are fractured/broken limbs, a bottle of Jack Daniels and shaking your hurr like you just don't curr.

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