Saturday, 22 August 2015

Willson goes to Brighton - Part One ft. CONCH


So in-case you haven't guessed on my instagram, I'm currently in chill capital=Brighton. I had the pleasure of spending today with these guys..

First we have Harry. (Hands in the air for shitty speech bubbles eyy) He is probably the most chill person you could ever meet.
His brother co-owns CONCH and was the first person to introduce me to them. I'm pretty happy he did. So we arranged to meet and explore the heart of the North Lanes but first went to this coffee shop on West Street called Mojo (I think, I think). I had this Iced Hazel Nut and Caramel Latte which technically wasn't on the menu but was peng afffff. He also took me to my first vegan café which was so much better than I anticipated (as a huge bacon lover, I was sceptical). The Loving Hut is an oriental/Chinese restaurant that takes all the classics and turns them into what I can only describe as vegan heaven. As a vegan virgin I had no idea what anything was or what it would be like so Harry and his brother had to do it for me (I can't even menu waaa). Luckily it was soooo good, I had tofu duck and pancakes and I'm now in love with tofu <3  

Here we have Josh (Harry's brother) and John (not Harry's brother). (Hands in the air for even more shitty speech bubbles ayyy) These are the super cool owners of CONCH. The Brighton based brand pretty much sells some of the raddest t-shirts you'd get in the North Lanes. Think trippy gifs but each frame is a t-shirt. 

Their pop up shop this week was at It Is What It Is on the corner of Gloucester Street and Tidy Street. The set up is that artists, companies, etc, send in a pitch to IIWII and they chose who gets that shop for a week (how lovely). 

"The driving force behind our art is the correlation between science and nature. The shape of a falling rain drop, refracted light bouncing off a mountain peak, the muscle tension in the hind legs of a spirited springbok. Just some of the factors taken into account for one dope-assed shirt".

Everything about their designs scream psychedelic, with their printing done in Dubai (I think?) and they're fade resistant too so that's pretty funky. They have some limited edition tees as well as designs from other guys and prints. My personal favourites were probably Moon-Unit (I bought that one yayyy) which has a grey and white vortexy kinda thing going on with their trademark paper plate face in the middle, and Samoan Kool-Aid because, well come on, that name is amazing. I don't think I'm going to forget these t-shirts any time soon. Also these guys are super chill to hang out with and have a fantastic taste in vinyl. 

In one part of the shop they had a thing called 'Pass the Portrait' which is pretty much the physical version of Chinese whispers. You chose a portrait that someone else drew earlier and interpret it. Personally, I can't draw for shit. But seeing all the different versions of a the portrait was cool. Once they have enough they're going to turn it into a limited edition t-shirt, I feel so bad for who ever has to wear my rendition of Albert Einstein. *sigh*

I don't think we did that bad, right?

So sad news, their pop us shop is only there until the 23rd so you better hurry if you wanna get down there.
 However, good news! You can get 20% off their website using the code CONCH20 (Yaaaaayyyy)

Find them in all these cool places:
Insta: @conch_clothing_uk
Twitter: @CONCH_UK

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Prom Night (ft. Prom tips)

 Last wednesday (about a week agooooo, week ago) was arguably one of the best nights I've ever had (even if my feet had to pay the price). The whole day was crazy and super chill at the same time. I got up at around 9, had a bath  to calm me down because I was hella freaking out and shaved my legs (I think it should be deemed an Olympic sport by now, that shit takes ages of precision) because it's summer now and I'm loosing so many precious hours because of this (majority of woman can relate. Or even guys, if they're into that). Anyway enough about that, my aunty came down from New Castle (up north eyy) and spent a few days here so she could see me in my prom shenanigan. We left around midday to get tea and cake at Sophie's Vintage Teashop in Yaxley. It's this really cute tea room with all these vintage, 1940's décor and serve tea in the proper adorable cups and saucers. We did that before I got my hair done at STATUS which is where I always get my hair done by Claire. She knows how to cope with my hair as it's super long now and has a mind of it's own. Even though the heat deflated it, she did such a good job making sure it would be just right later that day.  
Click Here For Details

My prom outfit was my favourite thing ever. Originally, I wanted a tea-length style dress but I couldn't find one anywhere. So did the alternative by wearing a skirt over a bodycon dress. I bought the Ted Baker skirt back in February at Bluewater Kent and have no regrets. I never really had a clear idea of what I wanted to look like so I just accumulated stuff over time and ended up with this. The length made it so easy to dance in (sorry for my horrendous dancing to anyone that was there) however, doing the Charleston shuffle in stilettos, as great as it looks, is THE WORST THING TO DO IN STILETTOS YOUR FEET WILL DIE OH MY GOD).

For accessories I went all holographic with the clutch and earrings just for something a little bit different and it looks all rainbow and unicorny in the light. The earrings are from this really amazing and quirky independent store down St Edwards Passage between Kings Parade and Peas Hill called Ark Cambridge. There's all this really outlandish jewellery and home décor and they have fluffy shark hand-puppets which are so damn cute! I wore a black onyx ring with silver vintage detailing which was quite simple. For makeup I kept it light with a neutrally smokey eye kinda thing and bold lip that picked out the colour in the skirt.  

Insta ~ @_hollybrooker

Insta ~ @_hrv
Prom itself was so emotional yet amazing to see everyone dressed to the nines. The past five years have gone so quick and not going to lie, I'm going to miss more people than I thought I would. Over secondary school your friendship groups change and you change as a person. I'm so glad to say I'm happy with the people I've ended up with, plus I like the type of person I've become at the end of all this which is a bonus. I was really sceptical about going to prom at first but I'm so glad I went, it really makes you appreciate the people you're going to miss (and the people you're so happy to see the back of). One of my good friends has now moved to America and now our squad won't be the same, but I wish Holly all the best in this new chapter of her life! Also thank you to Jack for being my amazing prom date and to Ellie for sorting out our transport which I know was really stressful considering we had one day to find a new car for us, but prom so good with these three.  

Insta ~ @ohitsjustjxck

Prom Tips
  • A few month prior to prom, get a vivid idea of what you want to look like. I know I just made it up as I went along (which you can do if you want to) but it will be so much less stress when it's two weeks before and you have no idea what you're doing.
  • Don't worry too much about getting the same colour dress as someone else. So many people had similar colours but all looked completely different. If you're no really keen on the idea of a typical prom dress you can always wear a fancy jumpsuit or a two piece or layer stuff like I did.
  • If you have a date for prom, don't worry about whether or not you'll match. My date wore a gorgeous black velvet blazer (and looked hella fine in it) but if I tried coordinating with it I probably would have ended up looking like a door mat or something. Besides prom isn't about spending the whole night with your date, so it's something not really worth worrying about.
  • On the day of prom, just take it easy and plan ahead of what you're going to be doing at what time. You don't to rush anything otherwise you'll be more likely to burn your face with a curling iron or get mascara everywhere.
  • Everyone at prom looked amazing, however some people I just could not recognise because they looked so different. I thought it was really important to look really elegant, yet look like myself at the same time. What I wore and how I did my hair/makeup was something I would do on a more elaborate daily basis. So if I went for a hair style that I wouldn't normally have or heavy make up or a fake tan I wouldn't have felt comfortable because, it's just not me really. So do what you feel comfortable with and what you feel hella good in. I just think it's nice to be recognisable when you're looking through the pictures in ten years time.
  • On the subject of comfort, get a dress (or other alternative) that fits you well. You don't want to be pulling up your dress when it falls down for the whole night or having to not eat for the whole day so it doesn't look too tight for you. My philosophy on that is if it doesn't feel comfortable when you're bloating, it's ugly anyway. Also dress according to your frame. That doesn't mean you have limitations to what you can wear, but if don't like a particular part of your body then you could wear something that will accentuate a part that you love. 
  • Boobs are the bane of the existence of prom. Either way there's a possibility they will ruin your life. So again with the previous point, wear something that fits well especially around the boobage area because you don't want them popping out on prom night. If your dress has sleeves then you're pretty good to go in any bra, strapless however will need more support particularly if you wanna jump about and dance like an idiot. So the longer the bra, the more support there is? (That doesn't male any sense so just look at the diagram). If you have a backless dress then stick on bras are really your only option (unless you want to go top half commando but I wouldn't recommend it if it gets cold so get some nipple stickers if that's your jazz). Stick on bras are great, unless your prom is on the hottest day of the year which was my case. Within two hours it just fell off, the glue just did not work and was being supported by my bodycon dress. It's wasn't the worst thing in the world but was just really really awkward to have on my boobs it wasn't fun.
    If you're buying new ones, it's good to wear in your shoes a bit and learn how to walk in them, where most of the pressure is on the foot, where it rubs, etc. I still have blisters on my ankles from where the strap rubbed but I think that was mostly because of the dancing. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube with tips on have to walk in heels (this one is especially good for prom), so get in some practice so you don't become that girl who staggered about in those platforms. Wearing them around the house for a bit will help the sole mould to the shape of your foot and feel more comfortable.
    Insta ~ @bethangower
  • Most importantly, just don't give a shit about anything for that one night. If you want to dance like an fool then do it, because you're not going to think in ten years times 'oh remember at prom when I didn't dance like a fool gee that was great'. You only get one prom (approx.) So just  forget about any worries or stresses, have fun and don't be a dick:)  




Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Dress For Success ~ OOTD's

                                                                                                                                            photo creds Mrs Cornwall eyy

So my secondary education has finally ended, which is an equally exciting and terrifying thought. Our last day as year elevens is celebrated with this really really lame idea of dressing all smart and businessy to mark the first day of the rest of our lives. But I have to admit, the whole day was pretty emosh and weird to think I'll probably never see everyone in my year, the canteen ladies, the fantastic and catastrophic teachers I've had over the years, not even Mr CDog himself, again. But anyway, it was still a chance to dress up which makes me happy. It was also great to see everyone else looking bomb.

Click here for details

I decided to channel my inner Cher from Clueless vibes by layering a white button down under a simple textured blue skater dress. I really liked the contrast of the colours, but realised it was a huge mistake around eleven because it was just ridiculously hot that day and resulted in me having to remove it from underneath my dress midfield (get a friend to help otherwise you will get your limbs stuck). The favourite thing of the outfit was the shoes, I mean come on, I was 5"8 that day and felt fearless (however even though I lasted five hours in these 70s-esk platforms I was so thankful I brought flats). Walking in them wasn't too bad, I just wouldn't recommend running and stacking it in front of people, it doesn't look too good. I kept things minimal with accessories to make it less fuss, wearing silver cool tones, some rad paisley printed hoops, and a matte black rucksack to throw all my shit in.
Click here for details

Insta ~ @bethangower
One of my favourite looks from that day was from my best pal Bethan. She has a very girly yet elegant style which is definitely reflected here. This outfit is super cute and feminine because of the pastel colour palette and scalloped detailing on the hems. The accents on the statement necklace add a more sharper texture and breaks up the softness while still maintaining the over all tone. These layered dresses that give the illusion of a two piece have been a staple of s/s15. It has the same concept of a playsuit where you don't have to spend ages deciding what to wear and seeing if stuff matches with other stuff, which makes it pretty conventional. 

Abbie's look was very simple and minimalistic. Even though this piece is daring, she pulls off this white jumpsuit brilliantly. Even though in the photo I'm towering over her (sorry about that Abbie!), we are both midget members. However, there are many ways to dress yourself tall. A jumpsuit creates a tall silhouette, but is even more elongated when it's one solid colour. Nude (or a colour similar to your skin tone) shoes will help elongate the legs. It's even better is they have pointed toe which will add an inch or two. Also they're a lot less painful than platforms.

Bryony went with such a classic look with a white and black polka dot shirt/shift dress and black lace textured wedges. But the main focus to her outfit had to be her clutch bag. The stunning embellishment of (I want to say its a peacock but I have no idea, lets just go with mega fancy bird) and floral detailing contrasts with the black background and really makes it stand out. This clash of prints is done perfectly because the main colour focus is on the clutch and the textures correspond well together. And of course, a classic look would not be complete without a great lip colour. She went for a mauvey, raspberry shade which really picks out the rose gold tones in the clutch. 

I loved Holly's look purely because it was such a good take on the monochromatic trend. Sleeveless blazers have been such a good alternative for spring/summer and look really clean cut and modern. The silver accents on the zips add a fresh cool tone and also, them pockets are huge think of all the stuff you could carry with them. It also transitions a basic item (eg black and white striped shirt dress) and elevates it from casual to classy.  
The shoes are classic, and so versatile because of the style and neutral colour, which means they can probably be thrown into any outfit mix. A black and white ensemble is so easy yet looks effortless as it keeps to the same tone. But, its fun to add just a little bit of colour like Holly did with her watch with the bright blue face and gold hardware. 

 Okay I kinda cheated with this one because Molly isn't in my year and didn't partake within our dress for success shenanigan. However, I loved her outfit too much to pass it. It's so fun and screams everything that is summer. You cannot go wrong with a plaid playsuit this time of year, it always reminded me of picnic blankets and primary school summer dresses (but obviously a bit more chic than that). The tiny flower crown makes it a little bohemian, yet I love how the ear stretcher adds such a cool edge to the girly print and décor. Same thing with the white heels, a pair of nude/tan sandals will go with pretty much anything and easy to throw on if you're on holiday, going out, etc. 

So just a few little things. Sorry if the layout is all over the place because I know it's completely different on phones and I need to sort the widths and format of the whole blog anyway which will be so much fun. Also, if you click on the little caption thingys it'll (hopefully) link you to my polyvore where you can find all the items shown if you want. Also by clicking on the girl's captions it will direct you to their instagrams (again, hopefully). I'm really annoyed because I've just given up with trying to make image links, I just have no idea. Our dress for success day was on the 16th so this post pretty late as its taken me like four days (I haven't blogged in months bare with).  
So that is pretty much it for today, everyone looked so great on our last day and I can't wait for prom, I'm just buzzing for it purely because how sweet my clutch is, I, I just can't even.

And for today's bae of the day, I'm gonna keep with the theme and leave these beautiful people here

Sunday, 5 April 2015

What do I care where Gettysburg lives?!

So it's Easter. I should be revising. I'm really not revising. Instead, I'm panicking and procrastinating. Which is most certainly helping me with my GCSE's.
It was only last Friday I realised I should probably get my music course work recorded as it's all due in 12 days (it seems like enough time, but I shit you not it's hardly any time at all when it comes to coursework). Panic aside, I'm super happy with my compositions. I haven't written much material for the past year as it kinda takes a while, and with GCSE's taking over my life it's not the convenient. Hopefully once they're all recorded I'll be able to put them up on soundcloud (if I can even remember how to log in that is).
In a couple of days time it'll be the first night of the show I'm in, Singing in the Rain. I don't do much really, I'm just a chorus member but I get a fancy umbrella for the finale, and I have a tiny duet with Cosmo at the beginning of Broadway Melody (ohhhh yeaah). My day shoes are so so adorable, although all the costumes for the show are fantastic. They have a whole warehouse filled top to bottom of costumes from previous shows that have been collected over the years. However, my finale costume is a huge yellow raincoat (its supposed to finish mid thigh but it comes down to my ankles #smallpersonproblems) with a Captain Birdseye hat. As cute as it is, I have mixed opinions.

So the brand Lyla Loves have been complete baes and sent me one of their 'Lyla loves necklaces'. LL jewellery mixes dainty items with the whole boho festival vibe, with some more hard going pieces. They sell a good range of items like your basic jewellery to ear cuffs and have a selection of other accessories such a bags, scarves and phone cases. The best thing about Lyla Loves is how inexpensive and reasonable the quality is. The necklace they sent me is really delicate and pretty. I really like the tiny bird detail as it breaks up the chain a little. Also the packaging is just so rad.

So it seems I may have accidentally acquired more shoes (I have no idea, it just keeps happening).
The first two I bought this month were from Boohoo. This was the first time I've ordered from them and I was very happy with the service. The first pair are these space-age holographic cut out boots. If anyone knows me well, they'll know I love me some iridescent and shiny things. These boots are conventional for everyday as they're not mega high, while giving me some extra height; yet are super awesome and are very 'out there'. The second pair are these super fab burgundy platforms! First of all, they remind of the Jeffrey Campbell Mulders (which are my dream shoes haha (why am I so poor) plus I'm five foot eight in these!! I need an oxygen mask up here or something..
   I paid £12 for the platforms and £8 for the boots in the sale. I wasn't expecting Kurt Geiger quality, but was really happy with how sturdy they are. I'm a size four, but they both came up a tiny bit roomy. I normally wear thicker tights anyway so that helps pad them out, but just stuffing a pop-sock into each toe area helps the fit without looking like a seven year old trying on their mums heels (admit it that was all of us).

The last pair I bought in Milton Keynes the other day. We also had a trip to IKEA and that was beyond exciting I was so buzzing definitely a day trip worth having.

They have LED pears people. PEARS :O
Anyway back to shoes. I can't explain how much I adore The Simpsons. It has been a childhood, teenagehood, and probably will be an adulthood favourite of mine.
Can we all just appreciate this pair of MARGE SIMPSON SKATER SHOES OH MY GOD.
The I was, wondering around H&M and I found my soul mate in shoe form. You can probably tell I really really like these shoes :)
Lets finish with today's 'Bae of the Day' ~ Chiara Ferragni in a fab Burberry Trench coat from AW14.

Thursday, 5 March 2015


So I'm not dead, just hibernating in all the course work I have to do hahah HALP ME
So the other day I went to Leicester (ugh this was like two weeks ago I'm so late). I was surprised on how nice it was. Like, really surprised. First we went to the De Montfort Hall because they had a Norman Wisdom exhibition. For those who don't know, Norman is pretty much the 1950's Lee Evans (but much funnier). He's your classic sheepish, yet hilarious black-and-white movie star. Plus he was only about 5"1 1/2 so go small people!! The exhibition was kinda small but its was free and all his memorabilia was there (including his tweed suits which are so tiny it's adorable). The exhibition is open until the 2nd of May.
After a bit of driving, finding our way around the city, we finally found parking like we were trying to find the meaning of life (jk it's 42). First half hour or so was spent aimlessly wondering about, not really having much clue on where we were going. However, I feel aimlessly wondering about is great. You really take in the surroundings, buildings, sounds, plus you can do great people watching.
mmmmmmmmhfhdJeeze I love people watching (in the most un-creepy way possible).
I was happy to see that Leicester has an Urban Outfitters, and I freaking love UO. It's like tumblr heaven (except I don't have tumblr. Well I do, I'm just clueless on how to use it lol). I bought a really nice 'tumblr bra' as I like to call them as you always see sublime somewhat provocative wcw's and 'soft grunge girls' in them, but as I'm not so yay for showing my underwear on the internet (but if you feel comfortable doing that then great for you! You go girl (or guy), #freethenipple and all that), here's a lovely image of le bra provided by Urban Outfitters (and you can buy it right HERE).
We had AskItalian for lunch and I have to say, they are fantastic. They have thee nicest cocktails/ mocktails (I can't drink in public places yet peak times). The one I had was called a Sea Breeze which has cranberry and apple juice with soda water and a dash of lime. It comes with or without vodka so everyone's a winner ey. 
As I went In there, I have to say ZARA is an increasing favourite of mine. I recently got my prom shoes from there (definitely not four months too early) and it's great to rummage through the beautiful monstrosity of sale piles. Their sale is always so so so goood! I managed to find this swanky funky top that's pretty awesome. It's quite a thin grey material with a silky kinda texture but then THE SLEEVES OH MY DAYS. They're like what happened before the batwing evolved and you can swoosh like hell in them. It's quite interesting as it's not your basic grey tee. I couldn't find it online but it's a prime example on when you should dig for gold in sale piles.  
So aside from all that, we spent some time wondering round the market place where I discovered my new love for dried pineapple. It's not as sharp as normal pineapple and it's dusted in icing sugar and looks super pretty. Annnnddd I finally tried bubble tea. It's so good and the whole process of getting it and watching it being made is fun. I've seen bubble tea cafe's popping up everywhere and I wouldn't be surprised is they were the new Starbucks to be honest.
So bae of the day (I think this a regular thing now) is Sarah Marie Karda because ugh just look at her

Friday, 2 January 2015

Get the Look ~ ALICE GLASS

If I had to chose on of my favourite women in the whole wide world, it would have to be Alice Glass. Crystal Castles have been a favourite electronic band of mine for a good few years now. As much as I love her outstanding vocals, I love her style equally. Keys things for her look are bold black eyes (not the bruised ones), ever changing hair colour and your classic black pencil skirt.

Her stand out locks (as well as her crazy vocals) have always been a U.S.P. of hers. In 2012, HipsterRunoff said she had the best hair in Indie. Her famous bright bob avoids looking like a toxic marshmallow, while channelling 90's Kurt Cobain-esk vibes.
(Hands in the air for shitting editing skills)
Bleach London are just one of them companies that have got it on point. Started in 2010, they've been favoured by Susie Bubble, Company Magazine and even Vogue. They have a salon in the Oxford Street Topshop basement which is pretty sweet. Think of your typical tumblr girls with a funky hair game going on.
A more safer option of incorporating the colour is by using hair crayons like the Bleach London Super Cool Colours range. They don't stay in your hair for ages but still give a vivid dash of colour to your hair. If you're not a fan of these bold colours, a safer yet great way to incorporate her look is the cut, the classic bob. Or if you're not ready to commit (shout out to my ex!), wigs and clip in bangs are just as effective.

Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL HD Permanent Black Hair Dye in 99 Deep Black ~ £5.49
BLEACH LONDON Super Cool Colours in Washed Up Mermaid ~ £5
Crazy Colour in Lavender ~ £16 for pack of four

Her makeup routine consists of 'putting a load of black stuff on her eyes'. Obviously, there is more construct to that than just scribbling eyeliner around for a panda look. Just think of her eye makeup a more developed and dramatic take on the classic smoky eye. A good eye primer will protect your lids as a base, and will make sure your makeup stays put. And even though she isn't keen on lipstick, she still looks hella good right?
Maybelline Colossal Smokey Pen in Black ~ £5.99
OCC Crème Colour Concentrate ~ £15.50
MAC Eye Shadow in Carbon ~ £13 
NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Yu ~ £18
OCC Lip Tar Matte in Tarred ~ £14

Alice definitely has the whole grunge trend going on point. She isn't particularly interested in fashion and conventions and a lot of her clothes are from her grandma. Therefore has the perfect attitude for pulling off the effortless look, as it is effortless. It's a more of a toned down nineties-esk vibe minus the tartans and plaid. If you want to achieve this look you can finally use them tights with the holes in that you've been meaning to chuck out (admit it, we all have a pair at the back of our underwear draws). Key things to keep in mind are:-
  • Black Pencil Skirts
  • Mostly Dark Tones
  • Black Tights (with or without holes and ladders)
  • Worn in Converse/Black Combat Boots
  • Ill Fitting Band/Graphic T-Shirts
  • Wide Eyed Sunglass
  • Bomber/Army Jackets
  • Minimal Jewellery
  • Be Serious As Hell

Urban Renewal Black Denim Skirt ~ £38
Ultimate MA1 Khaki Bomber Jacket ~ £55
Converse All Star Hi Optical White ~ £47.99,21/2411010837
DROP DEAD Bloom Dress ~ £40
UNIF Don't Worry Be Happy Boots ~ (around) £125
Nior Sunglasses ~ £225    
Link was too long but wouldn't do the thing so it hyperlinked here
Tee and Cake Dinosaur Pocket Tee ~ £22
This one was too long as well so more hyperlinks yay
UNIF I Wish I Had Arms Tee - (around) £42
H&M Nirvana Tee ~ £9.99

Other things to consider are fractured/broken limbs, a bottle of Jack Daniels and shaking your hurr like you just don't curr.