Monday, 8 December 2014

Frankie and his third lover

Good Evening World!
(that was a tad elaborate for me but lets just go with it)

First of all: Kooks Review
I know this is really late (two/three weeks I think? probably more) But they were incredible. I was extremely happy with the set list because they put on a load of old stuff from the first three albums. As it was my first time seeing them, this made me very happy. Luke Pritchard's voice is just as astounding live as it is on the records. The high notes, the quivers, even the orgasmic sounding ornamentations were all on point. This was my first standing concert I've been to, which was particularly interesting. I never realised how much banter goes on between the audience. I had a mum screaming to right of me to some lady that pushed in front of he small kids (Can I just say, bringing kids to a concert? Parenting done right my friend!!) Anyway the rude lady went away in the end and surrounding audience members clapped for the mum. Next to me was young lady who looked older than me but was smaller than me (I'm 5"2, so keep that in mind) and this giraffe of man push in front of her. She went absolutely mental at him (she had got there four hours earlier. Which was kind of pointless as we got there ten minutes after the doors opened and got to the same place).
The support band Walking on Cars had kinda Fray/Script vibes. There on stage energy was remarkably for a support band (usually it's zero to none). The vocalist, Patrick Sheehy, has quite a deep range and husky tones that really suit the genre. Hand in Hand is definitely a track I would recommend.
Also managed to get a blue heart tee (after countless people pushed in front of me ahem #smallpersonprblems
The past month has been pretty busy. I've had mocks, a tonne of revision, Christmas shopping to do, its really hard to find time to blog. I mean, I love how I started writing this on Friday morning. Only took me about four days ey? I've been working on some bigger posts but they seem to be taking forever to do D: I think come new year I'm going to start a blog plan and section off specific time to blog.
I've been looking at and going to sixth form open evenings recently because that's what years elevens should be doing. I don't have many intentions to stay at my current prison of a school as from September we've had a new head teacher. Brilliant mathematician aside, I just think he's incredibly rude to students and I just can't take him seriously as our head teacher (I'm praying that the school doesn't see this). I'd really like to go to Hinchingbrooke as their open evening was so straight forward and my sister is also currently studying there. Their sixth form is situated in Hinchingbrooke House which is like the Abbey Building equivalent. The problem with the Abbey building is that they've put in horrible carpets and ICT suits, and it just really ruins the whole look of the building and the atmosphere. However Hinchingbrooke has kept all the fireplaces and artwork and even though there are some really modern aspects to the building, it just makes the learning environment so much nicer. I've never heard anyone say anything negative about that school, I just really hope I get the grades to go where I'd like to. (How pretty is this place?! ^)
Talking of which, my gorgeous friend Beatrice, who goes to Hinchingbrooke, has her own blog and it's super awesome and really consistant:) You chould go check it out right HERE.
So yeah, um. Life has been boring as per. I had a dream the other night that I got a car and went to a McDonalds drive thru and someone get buried alive, and on that positive note I'm off.
(Disclaimer: no one was hurt or buried alive in the making of this dream ~ Willson Dream Production INC.) 

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