Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Willson goes to Kent

I'm in Ramsgate this week, a harbour town on the coast of Kent. I know Kent sound very 'Kent', but it's so lovely here. We have an apartment which is parallel to the harbour and on clear mornings we can see France (:O) where we'll be going to on Saturday (might do a little update next week who knows?). Anyway once again I've spent too much on crap I don't need.
At least they're all pretty ey?
What i love about this skirt is that the horizontal paneling elongates the body, giving it a up-and-down effect. Being only 5"2, this helps my munchkin figure a lot. 
These floral shorts are very on trend with the whole tropical vibe going on. I've been meaning to do a tropical themed look-book but I keep forget/not finding the time. I'll probably try and do it in France as the scenery would be much better than in rainy England.
And finally I have found a basic non fancy shmancy leather jacket (its not real leather I'm poor LOL)!. All I've ever wanted was a plain biker jacket with out tassels or buckles and hundreds of zips Jesus Christ it's harder to find than it sounds. Turns out I can still fit in the biggest size (and a couple below) in the children's section in New Look (again with the munchkin thing -.-) but, their clothing does happen to be a lot cheaper than the adults. So at £13? I couldn't resist.

stuff shopThere's a really cool stuff shop under the sea defense thing that's extremely hard to explain, so just go with it. It's like a little garage that's crammed with stuff from the 40's to the 90's. I was too scared to touch anything in case  everything came crashing down. We counted two grand pianos, 12 guitars, a rocket lamp (which I need I'm my life) and countless scratched records from the eighties. I would definitely recommend it (unless you have claustrophobia. Then I would run.)
Another cool thing was this Belgian cafe that has European film posters all over the ceiling (also had a piano and many guitars).
We found a place called 'Willsons Road' which is incredible because someone has actually spelled it correctly (inside family joke. My last name is spelt with two L's instead of one).
                         Oh yeah I got a penny board, it's pretty cool.

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