Wednesday, 24 December 2014


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So I have joined bloglovin which is pretty much a collective social platform for bloggers. I've had it for a while but I've only really started getting round to sorting it out (classic me ugh).

Monday, 15 December 2014


As I'm sat here watching Deck the Halls (freaking love Danny DeVito's work), I can't help but think it's definitely that wonderful time of year again. We're spending too much money on food, presents for friends, presents for ourselves, decorations, the works. And after, we'll be spending even more in the glorious sales. A few friends and I plan on going boxing day shopping in Cambridge this year to fight fellow shopaholics (well they wouldn't be there the day the sales start if they weren't shopaholics, would they?) for more things we probably don't need but feel complied to get anyway. Is it bad that I've already planned on what I'm getting? Let's say no.  

Hounds-Tooth Leggings ~ I've always adored hounds-tooth, it's such a classic print that has the perfect amount of edge. I'm always impressed with the quality of Topshop leggings so I feel as if I definitely need these in my life
Two-Tone Grey Brogues ~ These shoes are part of the premium collection for Topshop, all of which are super luxe leather and particularly stand-out shoes. I love the little rivet detailing on the toe caps as they add a tad of edgy vibes to the classic style. 
Green Lace Dress ~ Hennes & Mauritz always have fantastic winter collections, this year Tony Bennett and Lady GaGa are featuring in their holiday campaign *insert abnormal excited noise*. I've tried on this dress before and it fits beautifully! It has a jersey lining so it's practical, yet stunning for the party season.  Lace is such a lady-like texture, but there is nothing better than mixing textures to add more depth. Leather and lace have an equal balance of edge and femininity,  while pairing it with wools and knits will automatically soften and casual up the appearance. And even though it is a typically Christmassy colour, it would still look gorgeous all year round with pastel blues for the spring and deep reds in the autumnal months.
Sequinned Trousers ~ Now who doesn't freaking love sequins?! Sequins are one of my favourite textures at the moment, especially when there are either iridescent or dark cool tones. Now don't get me wrong, they aren't the easiest of textures to style. But what I love about these super rad trousers is how the black tint neutralises and tones down the harsh yet gorgeous look of the embellishment, making them easier to work with. 

Blush Holographic Bag ~ So there I was minding my own business in John Lewis with le mother, doing our not so last minute Christmas shopping and she's telling all about bags that were in fashion when she was young like Fiorelli (they're gorgeous!) and my eyes caught this gleaming beauty. It has a spacious interior while looking sick. I love metallic in the autumn/winter, but the blush tone makes it transitional to spring/summer.

Eye Clutch ~ Now I love myself a good clutch bag. They are a definite staple for events like party's and formal functions. They're an excellent way to spice up an already minimalist outfit. This particular clutch can fit all the essentials that I would need on a night out. And I absolutely adore this insanely intimidating graphic on it. 
Crux Rainbow Moonstone Ring ~ I saw Helen Anderson feature Shop Dixi jewellery on her blog, so I featured Shop Dixi jewellery on my blog. Mean Girls quote aside, a few of my favourite bloggers such as Helen Anderson and Leanne Lim-Walker have featured Shop Dixi jewellery in their blogs. So, it's only polite to go check them out. I really love moonstone and how it has that blue-ish tinge. This beautiful regal looking ring has some gorgeous detailing and is nothing like I've ever seen before.

Daisy Flower Ring ~ This delicate little number has been a wish of mine for a while now. It's so dainty and pretty and just adorable. I don't know why, but it reminds me of something a modern-day hipster Alice in Wonderland would wear.
The MAC products are simply high quality basics. Everyday make up (particularly face coverage) is something that is definitely worth spending a bit more on for higher quality products. After all, we're stuck with that skin for our whole lives so it's worth giving it the best care possibly. Going back on to track,  MAC Lipsticks are so smooth and come in the most awesome shades to die for. I tried my friends Pure Heroine once and fell in love since. The deep, yet vibrant purple isn't a colour I normally go for but surprisingly compliments light skin tone (I'm practically a snowman all year round). The second lip colour is part of the Rocky Horror Collection which was release earlier this year. Sin is an insanely intense red/plum which has the coolest tube I've ever seen. The eye shadows are highly pigmented and have amazing coverage and consistency. Gesso is a bright white which I feel is basic staple to any eye shadow palate.
Venus: The Grunge Palate ~ This palate consists of '8 game-changing and unconventional' nude, reds and rustic tones. Red-coppers and pink hues were especially popular during A/W14 shows like Johnathan Saunders, Miu Miu and Carolina Herrera. The kitschy artwork taken from Mash Botticelli's Birth of Venus with a 90's element twist gives it the best vibes a palate can give.
Velvetine in Wicked ~ I've heard so many good reviews about Lime crime's Velvetines and how well they stay put, so I'm intrigued to try them out for myself. A common problem  I have with any lip product id that it wears away only in the centre of my lips so it looks as if I'm only wearing lip liner (can you not eugh). The colours are intense and dry matte, which is pretty rad.
For the Twill of It ~ As you can probably tell by now, I love the whole iridescent trend that's going on. I feel a nail polish is a great way to interoperate trends as it's subtle, and if it's goes out of fashion you can still rock it without anyone judging you (eugh don't you just hate them types of people). Essie's formulas are so so so so so great I can't stress on how great they are. They're so chip resistant and come in the raddest colours ( I think I use the word rad too much..).
So this is the end of my Wish List (this post took me so long you have no idea). I think these type of posts will be ones I will do more of in the future because even though they're extremely time consuming, they're so damn fun to do!
So on that note, I'm off because it's 23:41 and I'm falling asleep on the keyboard.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Frankie and his third lover

Good Evening World!
(that was a tad elaborate for me but lets just go with it)

First of all: Kooks Review
I know this is really late (two/three weeks I think? probably more) But they were incredible. I was extremely happy with the set list because they put on a load of old stuff from the first three albums. As it was my first time seeing them, this made me very happy. Luke Pritchard's voice is just as astounding live as it is on the records. The high notes, the quivers, even the orgasmic sounding ornamentations were all on point. This was my first standing concert I've been to, which was particularly interesting. I never realised how much banter goes on between the audience. I had a mum screaming to right of me to some lady that pushed in front of he small kids (Can I just say, bringing kids to a concert? Parenting done right my friend!!) Anyway the rude lady went away in the end and surrounding audience members clapped for the mum. Next to me was young lady who looked older than me but was smaller than me (I'm 5"2, so keep that in mind) and this giraffe of man push in front of her. She went absolutely mental at him (she had got there four hours earlier. Which was kind of pointless as we got there ten minutes after the doors opened and got to the same place).
The support band Walking on Cars had kinda Fray/Script vibes. There on stage energy was remarkably for a support band (usually it's zero to none). The vocalist, Patrick Sheehy, has quite a deep range and husky tones that really suit the genre. Hand in Hand is definitely a track I would recommend.
Also managed to get a blue heart tee (after countless people pushed in front of me ahem #smallpersonprblems
The past month has been pretty busy. I've had mocks, a tonne of revision, Christmas shopping to do, its really hard to find time to blog. I mean, I love how I started writing this on Friday morning. Only took me about four days ey? I've been working on some bigger posts but they seem to be taking forever to do D: I think come new year I'm going to start a blog plan and section off specific time to blog.
I've been looking at and going to sixth form open evenings recently because that's what years elevens should be doing. I don't have many intentions to stay at my current prison of a school as from September we've had a new head teacher. Brilliant mathematician aside, I just think he's incredibly rude to students and I just can't take him seriously as our head teacher (I'm praying that the school doesn't see this). I'd really like to go to Hinchingbrooke as their open evening was so straight forward and my sister is also currently studying there. Their sixth form is situated in Hinchingbrooke House which is like the Abbey Building equivalent. The problem with the Abbey building is that they've put in horrible carpets and ICT suits, and it just really ruins the whole look of the building and the atmosphere. However Hinchingbrooke has kept all the fireplaces and artwork and even though there are some really modern aspects to the building, it just makes the learning environment so much nicer. I've never heard anyone say anything negative about that school, I just really hope I get the grades to go where I'd like to. (How pretty is this place?! ^)
Talking of which, my gorgeous friend Beatrice, who goes to Hinchingbrooke, has her own blog and it's super awesome and really consistant:) You chould go check it out right HERE.
So yeah, um. Life has been boring as per. I had a dream the other night that I got a car and went to a McDonalds drive thru and someone get buried alive, and on that positive note I'm off.
(Disclaimer: no one was hurt or buried alive in the making of this dream ~ Willson Dream Production INC.) 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Tell me about it, Stud.

Lately, our German lessons have consisted of a mini snooker table, our teacher singing kinda morbid German nursery rhymes and Hercules. She's (yes, she) is our German teachers pet hamster who she keeps in stationary cupboard (she's actually called honey but we decided that was boring). Having a hamster crawl around on the table is actually quite relaxing and surprisingly makes me work better. I mean yeah you have to make sure she does eat your vocab books or commit suicide and fall off the table but she's not too bad to have around. I'm trying to convince my mum to let me get a hamster/terrapin/other small pet to keep me company and help me with revision. As I'm a very introverted, antisocial, just and awkward lemon tbh; animals are like a convenient substitute for people.
On Friday I went to see Of Mice and Men (the play) in Birmingham on a school trip. Of course, I left my phone of the bus so couldn't take any pictures of the actual theater. They used a live band for the music which consisted of mandolins, drums, acoustic guitars and other southerny sounding instruments. Bus journey was a laugh with the lads (don't think the teacher enjoyed our Fratellis rave though). Last night I had a party which had a TV/film theme. I didn't get many photos but I went as Sandy from Grease (from the last scene though). I met some really nice new people, including Mindy who was my pink lady!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Willson goes to Paris

So Paris is by far the most beautiful city I've been to. Our first stop was the Sacrecoeur (translates to the sacred heart), a huge church that over looks the the west side of the city. But the view of the back of the city is just as cool too. There's all these market areas and independent patisseries and patriotic shops. We walked along all these back roads and paths through some typically Parisian town houses that had really quirky street art all over the walls.
So then we took the metro (the French version of the London underground) to the Tour Montparnasse (a very tall building) which has a perfect veiw of the Eiffel Tower! For lunch we went to this subway style sandwich bar but with really decent sandwiches. It was so great. The next thing we did was a typical touristy boat tour on the River Seine. We went right past the Eiffel Tower, The Notre Dame, and the famous Pont de l'archevêché (the bridge with all the love locks. Fun fact: theres actually around 4 or 5 bridges covered in locks. The Pont de l'archevêché was just the first to start the trend). 
Over all, France is spectacular. They have Orangina in glass bottles, so they've definitely got me hooked. The Gite we stayed in had two cats called Gracy and Trixy. Gracy was a very calm and sweet cat, however, Trixy was this ball of fur that would normally find its way into our car every time we opened it. 
Of course, a trip to France would not be complete without a visit to Yves Rocher. I've written about this brand many times before and will continue to do so as they never let me down. One of their newest nail polishes caught my eye, this blood orange colour goes great with darker and/or pastel colours, but looks just as striking. I got the face mask that goes with the moisturiser I have, and doesn't fail to give me that matte skin it promises.
   Well that's pretty much all I can put into words about my trip to 
France, just let the pictures do most of the talking... x

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Willson goes to Kent

I'm in Ramsgate this week, a harbour town on the coast of Kent. I know Kent sound very 'Kent', but it's so lovely here. We have an apartment which is parallel to the harbour and on clear mornings we can see France (:O) where we'll be going to on Saturday (might do a little update next week who knows?). Anyway once again I've spent too much on crap I don't need.
At least they're all pretty ey?
What i love about this skirt is that the horizontal paneling elongates the body, giving it a up-and-down effect. Being only 5"2, this helps my munchkin figure a lot. 
These floral shorts are very on trend with the whole tropical vibe going on. I've been meaning to do a tropical themed look-book but I keep forget/not finding the time. I'll probably try and do it in France as the scenery would be much better than in rainy England.
And finally I have found a basic non fancy shmancy leather jacket (its not real leather I'm poor LOL)!. All I've ever wanted was a plain biker jacket with out tassels or buckles and hundreds of zips Jesus Christ it's harder to find than it sounds. Turns out I can still fit in the biggest size (and a couple below) in the children's section in New Look (again with the munchkin thing -.-) but, their clothing does happen to be a lot cheaper than the adults. So at £13? I couldn't resist.

stuff shopThere's a really cool stuff shop under the sea defense thing that's extremely hard to explain, so just go with it. It's like a little garage that's crammed with stuff from the 40's to the 90's. I was too scared to touch anything in case  everything came crashing down. We counted two grand pianos, 12 guitars, a rocket lamp (which I need I'm my life) and countless scratched records from the eighties. I would definitely recommend it (unless you have claustrophobia. Then I would run.)
Another cool thing was this Belgian cafe that has European film posters all over the ceiling (also had a piano and many guitars).
We found a place called 'Willsons Road' which is incredible because someone has actually spelled it correctly (inside family joke. My last name is spelt with two L's instead of one).
                         Oh yeah I got a penny board, it's pretty cool.